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About the Artist:

The Artist is an enthusiastic nature lover, fascinated and awed by nature's beauty everywhere, any time of day and in all four seasons. He finds the constantly changing colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset fascinating. Inspiration for his work has come from the beauty of crowning mountains, treasured national parks, the vast oceans and seas with constant moving waves, peaceful walks along lakeshores, flowers, water lilies, trees in autumn, trail paths through woods and even his backyard. Madison provides some of his favorite subjects, especially in its lakesides and parks. He enjoys trips with his family. Everywhere he goes, he will have his sketchbook and camera ready, taking many pictures on the spot, and then recording the memorable places from each trip at home. He tries to describe his feelings, paying tribute to the beauty of nature with his brushes. The paintings bring back all the fond memories of these trips, and become great treasures of his family.


The Artist is a greater admirer of the Impressionists. He studies their works to learn the secret of their vivid color combinations and interesting brushwork. A painting may only appear to be dabs of colors, with brushstrokes in all directions when one is close to the canvas. When the viewer steps back, the color dots and strokes fuse together creating color harmony, light and shadow, and a sense of space. The more one looks the more there is to discover in the painting. The artist tries to create the mood of the setting so that viewers can share nature's delights at that particular moment and place.


The Artist has a very "artistic" family. His wife Julie is a pianist and piano teacher, as well as his art critic. Both of his sons, Warren and Peter, play piano and violin. Music and art are very important in their lives. Most of their weekends are spent together either in music or art activities.

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